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My 10 days ago

The Georgia Blonde

Perfect combination of sauces! Like all of Locali's sandwiches, the sauces really make them unique! This Georgia Blonde with the "buttery " perfectly crisp bread , melty cheese , extra saucy but not soggy spreads , juicy "turkey " - can not be replicated the same . Worth it !

Azul 10 days ago

The Georgia Blonde

I've tried to recreate this at home - didn't work! The sauce is soooo good . Like all the sandwiches I've tried , it's about that perfect combination of flavors from varying sauces combined on one sandwich that makes them so unique. The "buttery " bread , perfectly crisp, saucy but not soggy , melty cheese & the juicy "turkey". Delicious & worth it !

Julian 11 days ago

The Brekkie Burrito

Every time I pass through Hollywood, I have to stop by and get Locali!! My favorite is the Brekkie Burrito. Well worth the wait, even if you're in a hurry. The Chipotle sauce is killer as well. When I remember to, I will ask for two cups of the Chipotle instead on one Chipotle and one salsa

Madisondouglasmusic 22 days ago

The Cadillac

This is my favorite vegan breakfast sandwich in all of Los Angeles! The salsa adds a fun kick and the cheese is always perfectly melted. I rate this place 5/5 stars with great service too!

Ecdelk 25 days ago

The Brekkie Burrito

Wow!! The perfect start to the week. From the first bite to the last I had a smile on my face from the delicious blend of ingredients - especially the beans and cheese. Next time I'll add avocado too!

Sgreenber 30 days ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

Delicious breakfast sandwich! Is my go to here all day, great flavors and vegan

Rcarreon about 1 month ago

The Georgia Blonde

These sandwiches are too die for! Our office Loves All of your food! Keep up the great work and cool energy!

Denita about 1 month ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich


Lunaroxyoursox about 2 months ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

So yummy! I could eat these all day long. I love the cheesiness and hint of sweetness. Yum yum yum!!!

Ryanarosewall about 2 months ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

This is my favorite breakfast sandwich of all time. The vegan hangover cure to end all hangover cures. So worth the wait, it's like a vegan McGriddle but way better. Best thing on the menu!

Crystal 2 months ago

Bag of OG BadAsses

THIS....this right here. We ordered 6 for our lucky co-workers and ourselves as a little office treat. Working downtown LA has its perks, like being close to this gem of a place. A little spicy, a little sweet (that Maple Syrup is just the perfect surprise). The bread is full of good grains, and truly you feel like you are eating Vegan Junk Food, in a GREAT way. 5 Stars to this!!

Carishma 2 months ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

This is the BEST vegan breakfast sandwich in all of LA. I went there after a hike with one of my good friend's and it was so good we had a whole conversation about how it tasted like the Future and it should be called the Future. Now, every time we go back, we say, want to go back to the future? I know it's corny, but it's so good. It's like an orgasm in your mouth.

Katemorganm 2 months ago

The Reuben

I used to live around the corner from this place was a problem. I've loved everything I've ever ordered from here: the Reuben, the bad ass breakfast sandwich, the Lulu smoothie, the vegan Cobb. All delicious.

Hannahalv2002 3 months ago

Heirloom Potato Salad

The heirloom potato salad was hands down, the best I have ever tried. I know my tastebuds were definitely content about the flavor they got hit with. I would also like to mention that I appreciate your contribution to a more sustainable future! I loved it!

Ajayne 3 months ago

The Sprouted Bagel Sandwich

Delicious!!!!!! I am so glad I found this place. This sandwich was delicious with cream cheese and the full added the perfect amount of flavor. They have help milk, wish they had coconut, too! Highly recommend.

Miayl5 3 months ago

The Cadillac

Best breakfast sandwich ever! i wish i could eat this every morning until i die lol seriously you must try this at least 100 times in your life. I'm writing this review and also planning on going today to get one 😊

Lekyttanen 3 months ago

The Brekkie Burrito

Packed with flavor and a little kick - this was perfectly filling for this breastfeeding mama and gave my body excellent nutrition for my baby.

Bessazeal 10 days ago

Vegan "UnTuna" Chickpea Salad

Perfect amounts of everything ! So happy I can also get the "untuna" on a sandwich now too!

Colleen 10 days ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

I'm obsessed with the Baaadasss Breakfast sandwich! The food here in general is always pretty much amazing! I also love the variety of drink options and vegan chocolatey treats. I'm definitely a loyal customer for life!

Charivari 21 days ago

The Reuben

Some like it HOT and so it was! And some like it TASTY, SAVORY, and DELICIOUS! It did not disappoint. The veggie pastrami was thickly layered and yummy. The cheese was melty and gooey. The bread was freshly grilled and toasty. The flavors really satisfied! I cannot wait to go back and have another! Yum!!

Tess 23 days ago

The Cadillac

The best breakfast sandwich I've ever had.

Cmfried2 26 days ago

The Reuben

While everything at Locali is amazing, their turkey reuben sandwich is by far the best sandwich I've ever had. It has the perfect ratio of everything - turkey, cheese, sauerkraut, sauce - and all heated up/pressed into a sandwich dream. Do yourself a favor and try this one out the next time you go (the vegan version is equally amazing, but I'm partial to the classic reuben).

Natalie 30 days ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

This VEGAN breakfast sandwich will blow your mind. I haven't had a good breakfast sandwich since going vegan over two years ago, and I was super hesitant to try this one...but it totally exceeded my expectations. It was truly one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten and I'm always craving another one. It kept me full for awhile (something most vegan food doesn't usually do), and I didn't feel heavy or bad afterwards, like I used to with a non-vegan breakfast sandwich. It's seriously full of flavor and the ingredients all work perfectly together. You can taste the love that's put into it. Eat this breakfast sandwich! You will not regret it, you'll just want another one ;)

Seorvis about 1 month ago

The Reuben

This was a life-changing sandwich. Vegan meat slices are perhaps the vegan alternative category I'm most wary of, but holy sh*t this sandwich is amazing. 10/10

Camillebailey123 about 1 month ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

I travel the country full time and eat all the vegan food I can!! I can confidently say that this is the BEST breakfast sanwhich I have ever had. I live in San Diego and have contemplated driving to WeHo just to get this sandwich. It comes out piping hot, and I think what really gets me is the maple syrup!! It's the gourmet version of a McGriddle, like way better and vegan. Quit deciding what to order and get this!!!!

Hannah07caudill about 2 months ago

The Reuben

Locali's Vegan Reuben is the best one in LA! I crave it all of the time and they never disappoint. Portion size is great, I usually end up saving half for later. I add on a cup of the delicious smoky/spicy vegan chili and a berry good smoothie and it's one of my favorite meals <3 Also, the staff is always super fun and welcoming no matter the location.

Charlie about 2 months ago

The Bourgeoischeese

I've been going to Localita for a while now and every time I do I order the Bourgeoischeese. It's hard to say, and when I order the full sandwich it's hard to finish, but the marinade they use on the tempeh to make the bacon is absolutely amazing. It's a big great sandwich that fills you up without making you feel gross!

Allisons622 2 months ago


This sandwich is insanely good. Satisfies all of your breakfast sandwich cravings in the best way possible. Definitely will keep coming back to this spot again and again! Thanks for spreading the vegan love 💚

Cleoking93 2 months ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

The vegan breakfast sandwich is UNREALL, however it is pretty small (whole thing fits in the palm of your hand), so not sure if it's worth the price to make it a habit but it's a nice once in a while treat. Also it would be nice to have the option to have two sausage patties because those things are dank.

Chloescoops 3 months ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

Best breakfast sandwich I've ever had. It's deeeliciousss!

K 3 months ago

The Brekkie Burrito

oh so good. oh sooooo good! While the Vegan Ruben remains my absolute favorite of all time, the brekkie burrito is completely delicious.

Billyshelby 3 months ago

The Franklin Phenomenon

First time going here and we'll definitely be back. Both the Georgia Blonde and Franklin Phenomenon were exactly. So much better than Gelson's or the Oaks for sandwiches.. This will definitely be my new neighborhood spot. Can't wait to try out more of the menu.

Hollywoodartchick 3 months ago

The Brekkie Burrito

Lives up to the hype - delicious, satisfying, good serving size (if I'm not that hungry, it can be 2 meals!). Excellent vegan burrito.


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