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Allisons622 4 days ago


This sandwich is insanely good. Satisfies all of your breakfast sandwich cravings in the best way possible. Definitely will keep coming back to this spot again and again! Thanks for spreading the vegan love 💚

Cleoking93 8 days ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

The vegan breakfast sandwich is UNREALL, however it is pretty small (whole thing fits in the palm of your hand), so not sure if it's worth the price to make it a habit but it's a nice once in a while treat. Also it would be nice to have the option to have two sausage patties because those things are dank.

Chloescoops 18 days ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

Best breakfast sandwich I've ever had. It's deeeliciousss!

K 19 days ago

The Brekkie Burrito

oh so good. oh sooooo good! While the Vegan Ruben remains my absolute favorite of all time, the brekkie burrito is completely delicious.

Billyshelby 25 days ago

The Franklin Phenomenon

First time going here and we'll definitely be back. Both the Georgia Blonde and Franklin Phenomenon were exactly. So much better than Gelson's or the Oaks for sandwiches.. This will definitely be my new neighborhood spot. Can't wait to try out more of the menu.

Hollywoodartchick 27 days ago

The Brekkie Burrito

Lives up to the hype - delicious, satisfying, good serving size (if I'm not that hungry, it can be 2 meals!). Excellent vegan burrito.

Latoya.Mitch89 about 1 month ago

Bagel & Spread

When I tell you I had the the best experience in my mouth I'm still in shock. The food was completely fresh and filling. I thank God for this place a slice of heaven.

Jana.Scalzitti about 1 month ago

The Cadillac

Their vegan sausage is THE BEST I have ever had, this sandwich is mind blowing and leaves you wondering how it's vegan.

Auzzy about 1 month ago

The Reuben

Best vegan Reuben! Their vegan pastrami is delicious, as is the bread and Russian dressing. I drive all the way from Pasadena to eat here!

Ternika22 about 1 month ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

the title of this sandwich is SO true! OMG this thing takes your taste buds on a MAGICAL RIDE..hang tight!!!!

Lauren about 2 months ago

The Georgia Blonde

The only spot in Los Angeles where my friends and I stop daily or every other day at least. Truly phenomenal quality, service, and price. Nobody does a sandwich like Locali.

Christinaearl711 about 2 months ago

The Starboard

If you're looking for a dank and well balanced salad to lift your vibes, this is it! All of Locali's veggies are so fresh & crispy. I should branch out and try new items but I keep going back to this salad because it's so delicious.

Nicole about 2 months ago

The Reuben

The BEST vegan Reuben in town!!!!

Jenniemarietaylor 2 months ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

Locali is amazing! Their food is delicious. Be sure to try the badass breakfast sandwich and the big daddy quinoa bowl! 10/10 recommend this place

Jsaunders 2 months ago

Bagel & Spread

Locali is surprisingly affordable, and they have AMAZING vegan alternatives. I have such a hard time picking what to eat here cause everything on the menu is so delicious.

Stevenfrevola 3 months ago

The Reuben

The vegan version of this is by far the best Reuben sandwich in all of LA. Every time I come here I have to order this. Definitely take it upon yourself to pick one up next time you're here!

Ntomsejova89 3 months ago

The Cadillac

The best breakfast sandwich I ever had, and I am not even vegan. Could seriously eat every day.

Shekyrajones 3 months ago

The Banana Stand

this drink is so good! It exceeded my expectations for sure! I don't usually buy smoothies from restaurants simply because of the added sweeteners. But the ingredient list leaves nothing to the imagination! It's satisfying and can easily solve your sweet tooth as well.

Susinirvana 3 months ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

This has been my go-to craving for years! When I moved from Hollywood to Beverly Hills I thought I would never get one again, but thank God they opened in weho! It's one of those few things that I actually crave. Just sandwiches genius. The sir now she and the Cadillac are also amazing! The staff here is always so nice. Thank you!!!!

Carishma.Khubani 7 days ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

This is the BEST vegan breakfast sandwich in all of LA. I went there after a hike with one of my good friend's and it was so good we had a whole conversation about how it tasted like the Future and it should be called the Future. Now, every time we go back, we say, want to go back to the future? I know it's corny, but it's so good. It's like an orgasm in your mouth.

Katemorganm 10 days ago

The Reuben

I used to live around the corner from this place was a problem. I've loved everything I've ever ordered from here: the Reuben, the bad ass breakfast sandwich, the Lulu smoothie, the vegan Cobb. All delicious.

Hannahalv2002 19 days ago

Heirloom Potato Salad

The heirloom potato salad was hands down, the best I have ever tried. I know my tastebuds were definitely content about the flavor they got hit with. I would also like to mention that I appreciate your contribution to a more sustainable future! I loved it!

Ajayne 7 22 days ago

The Sprouted Bagel Sandwich

Delicious!!!!!! I am so glad I found this place. This sandwich was delicious with cream cheese and the full added the perfect amount of flavor. They have help milk, wish they had coconut, too! Highly recommend.

Miayl5 26 days ago

The Cadillac

Best breakfast sandwich ever! i wish i could eat this every morning until i die lol seriously you must try this at least 100 times in your life. I'm writing this review and also planning on going today to get one 😊

Lekyttanen about 1 month ago

The Brekkie Burrito

Packed with flavor and a little kick - this was perfectly filling for this breastfeeding mama and gave my body excellent nutrition for my baby.

Romy about 1 month ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

So good. I am a meat loving person and this sandwich was super delicious. Love the way all the flavors meld.

Jana.Scalzitti about 1 month ago

The Reuben

Hands down, best vegan Reuben everrr. Drops mic.

Ozzy about 1 month ago

The Reuben

I like to think of myself as a vegan rueben connoisseur — if a vegan reuben is on the menu, I try it—so I've had a lot of reubens. Locali's is easily the best I've had. The rye bread is grilled perfectly and the mixture of the Russian dressing and sauerkraut is delicious (I opt out of getting vegan cheese). (I always get more Russian dressing, though, to make it even better!) I'm not the biggest fan of fake meat (especially items like the Impossible and Beyond burgers), but the vegan deli meat on the reuben is delicious and the perfect vehicle for the Russian dressing and sauerkraut. If I could/had to eat Locali's reuben twice a day for the rest of my life, I'd have a happy life. In fact, I did that today and had one for lunch and one for dinner! Of course, the service and price is great—especially when you join the loyalty program (I got 50% off one of my sandwiches today just form going to Locali a few times with people!).

Azul about 2 months ago

The Wilshire

This is like the "everything you're craving" sandwich- veg turkey , tempeh bacon , cheese, and avocado! And their spreads/dressings add so much flavor . I like to switch it up each time I order for a different flavor profile.

Jtabak2 about 2 months ago

The Vernon

Great panini with buffalo flavor. Subbed in jack over vegan cheese for real gooey greatness.

Naomi about 2 months ago

Bag of OG BadAsses

I dreamed of the day I would move to LA and live next door to this exact restaurant. Totally not kidding! I saw an Instagram famous fashion stylist post this OG BADASS ALL VEGAN BREAKFAST sandwich. I saved it to my collections in IG and told myself..I wish I lived RIGHT NEXT DOOR to this place so I can eat their breakfast sandwiches every day. Now I like .13 miles away. Universe blessing me with Localita and all of their health conscious dishes - I couldn't be more grateful!

Brendanmaurice1995 2 months ago

Cucumber Salad

Omg! This place is amaze balls.

Jeffbower.La 2 months ago

The Vernon

This is not just the best vegan buffalo chicken sandwich I've's the best Buffalo Chicken sandwich I've ever had. Perfectly shaped and spicy flavored chicken on fresh artisan bread and melted cheddar oozing out the edges. I didn't want the sandwich to ever end. Still smiling thinking about biting into it.

Mcklaurelt 2 months ago

The Georgia Blonde

Whether you're blonde or brunette, try the Georgia Blonde. It's truly a perfect sandwich. My girlfriend and I call it the "bedtime sandwich" and we're always there right before close to annoy the kind people who help make this fantasy sandwich. My stomach is also very dramatic, a lot of things upset it. But with this I have no complaints. Try it with gluten free bread too! My fave :)

Mrskellynewell 3 months ago

The Wilshire

I LOVE this restaurant, I LOVE this sandwich!! I've ordered from other locations and it takes much longer, also my order would occasionally be wrong or they'd substitute something I didn't ask for for something they were out of without asking- this was through post-mates when this happened once, however, this location has never gotten it wrong and after moving and being closest to this location, whether ordering through post-mates or directly from the restaurant, this location revived my love and reinstated my addiction to their food. The Wilshire is SO SO good, once I did get the 1/2 sandwich when there was no option for me to order the whole, but knowing the prices, I was assuming I would only receive 1/2- this was on post-mates. This is my only complaint. I would love it if post-mates had the menu updated to make it more clear that 1/2 a sandwich is what you'll be getting, and I would love for an option to order the full sandwich. Other than this, LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Iamsashawhite 3 months ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

You put some drug in this sandwich, I can say :) I wanna eat theme every day! Great job! And always friendly stuff. Thank you so much!

Shekyrajones 3 months ago

High Brow Tuna Salad

I love this dish. It's not overly processed which is something I look for when eating out. It tastes extremely fresh and they also give you a good portion size (I ordered a small). It is very filling!


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