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Guest 10 days ago

The Brekkie Burrito

love it!

Kelleypom 14 days ago

The Cadillac

Holy moley this is good! This is comfort food at its best - all the melties and crunchies and spicies in one amazing sandwich.

Eminem 20 days ago

The Avodada

I love this delicious dish. I had the gluten free version. Best damn avocado toast I've ever had.

Smirpanah 29 days ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

Honestly this is the absolute best tasting sandwich I have EVER locked lips with. The flavor combination of the vegan sausage with the spice of the chipotle sauce and sweetness of the maple syrup makes me craaaazy. I crave this sandwich more than any other food in LA. If I don't eat it once a week I have withdrawals. Do yourself a favor and eat this everyday, you'll find true happiness through your tastebuds!! Forever obsessed.

Meghan about 1 month ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

Best breakfast sandwiches in town!

Hollandstl1 about 1 month ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

Badass Breakfast Sandwich was BADASS! My husband and I have spoken about it daily since we ordered it last week and can't wait to eat it again! Superb!!!

Anthonyf about 1 month ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

THE BEST BREAKFAST EVER! There's no other words to describe the food here. I've been to a few of the locations and have tried different options by far my favorite if the baaadasss or the Cadillac the burrito is also AMAZING! Oh and the smoothies are all soooo tasty.

Christinafetterolf about 1 month ago

The Glamazon

Sooo yummy! I live for the glamazon and the bad azzzs breakfast sandwich!

Jimq11 about 2 months ago

The Reuben

Best vegan sandwich Ive had

Hastings about 2 months ago

The Brekkie Burrito

Ok it is hard for me to pick one singular item off of Locali's menu as my favorite but it IS easy for me to choose my favorite hot breakfast in Los Angeles - and that is certainly Locali's brekkie burrito. Also love the badass breakfast sandwich. I'm not even vegan! But Locali has truly turned me onto vegan meals. Their food is honest, and makes you feel physically and mentally energized and just right This burrito specifically has the satisfaction of yummy fast food but is actually so good for you. Perfect anytime of the day it MELTS in your mouth. I'm obsessed and so happy I live just a few minutes away.

Dzivetz about 2 months ago

Hemp Hummus

Delicious. Fits my vegan lifestyle. Tasty and fresh!

Carolyn 2 months ago

The Avodada

When I want a breakfast sandwich that feels indulgent, and healthy at the same time I have to get this! It's just the right amount of yummy goodness that makes your morning feel perfect. Don't know what I would do without Locali in my neighborhood, literally all of their food is amazing!

Priscilaealegria 2 months ago

The Franklin Phenomenon

My mouth waters just thinking about it.

Cotochick01 2 months ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

Yoooooo. Best vegan sandwich in the gammme fam. I actually went back in after I took a bite and said "the is vegan, right?" Cause I couldn't believe it. Insane!

Sherrikastner 3 months ago

The Georgia Blonde

I love Lo Cali so much for fso many menu items they have but my favorite is the Vegan version of the Georgia Blonde. I believe it their version of the reuben with additional dressings. The taste is sensational and I highly recommend trying it the next time you are there.

Allison 3 months ago

The Reuben

A very tasty sandwich with great flavor and fast service. This is my fav go to spot downtown!

Greg 3 months ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

This is truly the best vegan breakfast sandwich I've ever had! Hell, it's the best breakfast I've ever had period! Also the staff is always super friendly and remembers me every time I visit. I can not recommend Locali enough!

Erikka 3 months ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

This is the best thing I have ever eaten. I literally think about it all the time.

Gtrevizo37 4 months ago

The Reuben

I was in the Cedars-Sinai hospital looking for food online, as a vegan the options in the hospital are slim, (especially if you are admitted for long periods of time) I saw that locali carried vegan options and this ruben sandwich was one of the many I ordered. Once received the vegan cheese was googey and the sandwich still warm. I took a bite and my mouth and tastebuds were jumping the v cheese was warm, silky, and slightly salty the cured v meats were peppery and slightly citrusy the sauerkraut was not too sour and the crunchiness offset the sandwich softness the bread was so nutty in smell but had such umami notes. I enjoyed the entire experience that I had forgotten 😉 to share with my husband.

Jgoodhu313 4 months ago

The Brekkie Burrito

O M F G This thing is INSANE! Undoubtedly the BEST in the breakfast burrito game, vegan or not. Since trying this for my first time 3 months ago I've had it nearly every Saturday since. The size is massive, I don't know how it stays so hot (delivered or not.) To top it off the chipotle aolil is so delicious that I could eat it by itself. Hats off to LoCali for this unbelievable creation! 👏🏽🔥🤤

Reneen 11 days ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

The best vegan breakfast sandwich in town. I honestly have to stop myself from ordering it all the time!

Courtney 16 days ago

The Reuben

The best vegan Reuben in the world!

Scottmorganpga 23 days ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

Wow! That was the best Vegan breakfast burrito I've ever had!

Cf about 1 month ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

So I seen a video online about this place and knew it somewhere I had to be because they serve breakfast ALL DAY!! FIRST TINGS FIRST, me a die fi brekkfast, to translate: I WOULD DIE FOR BREAKFAST 🤣😍🤦🏿‍♀️ BUT, Now that I have been to visit I legitimately love everything about this place, from the decor to the customer service. They even have a tiny grocery pon de place...I loved the badass sandwich and the Hulk smoothie, I also got a burrito for later and it was just as good after I put it in the oven. I got my brother to try the smoothie too and he loved it as well. I think the prices are affordable as well as reasonable, my total wasn't even more than $50 like most vegan spots. I'm live in Chicago, but I had to sign up for the rewards because I'll be here every time I touch down in Cali. Thanks for the nourishment, Locali 💚🌱

Sadaf about 1 month ago

The Warrior

I have tried the warrior smoothie and I can't get enough of it! It keeps me super productive for most of the afternoon until dinner not to mention it is insanely delicious!

Peterjamesx about 1 month ago


Best quinoa I have ever had, I also had the potato salad, which I have recommended to my coworkers. Last time I had matcha 🍵 which I prefer over the bougoius pig.

Kheinerikson about 1 month ago

The Reuben

Omg, hands down of the best things I have ever had in my life. The fact that this is plant based is mind boggling. Everything about this sandwich was absolutely amazing. From the crunchy bread to the overall excessive juices from the 'meat', cheese and sauce. Wow. I'm 100% coming back.

Elizabethng01 about 2 months ago

The Reuben

The vegan reuben is very possibly the best thing I have ever eaten. I can't get enough of it.

Rhirsch11 about 2 months ago

The Reuben

It's literally my favorite sandwich. Loaded with the best vegan cheese and sauerkraut <3

Michael about 2 months ago

The Reuben

Holy crap! This sandwich is amazing. Was out biking in Hollywood over from the Westside. Decided to try a new place. Go here. Eat their Reuben. Worth it. 100%. 🙏🏻

Barberztupaz about 2 months ago

The Body Right

Delicious item Food for the soul Keeps my blood pressure low Glad I walked into this spot Super clean and convenient Cool staff too Thanks again

Elisaespino26 2 months ago

The Reuben

Even though this is listed as a review for their Ruben the truth is you can't go wrong with anything on their menu! i've tried most of their opt and I've never been disappointed. They have a great selection of vegan eats and I love them all! I wish I could eat every meal here!

Christopher 2 months ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

Wow!!! Seriously had 8 vegans to feed and we are all now calling this hippie crack. Many of us had to get another one. We are all addicts now!

Faithkdunn 3 months ago

The Big Daddy

Aida from venice Locali made me this delicious big daddy salad. I am obsessed with the vegan protein and sauce!! wow i wish i could eat this everyday!!

Leejasperse 3 months ago

The Brekkie Burrito

The brekkie burrito is one of the best in the game! Substantial, filling, and so so flavorful, without being greasy or bloating like so many other breakfast burritos around town—a treat that keeps my going the whole day. And the creamy zing of the chipotle aioli complements it perfectly. Totally worth the wait and a return trip!

Benjamin 3 months ago

The Southwest

I've been trying to eat healthier lately and it always helps to actually have options that taste great. I went into Locali, not knowing what to expect, and absolutely loved the Southwest Bowl. It was tasty, healthy, and kept me full. Will definitely go back again.

Victoriabchen22 3 months ago

The Cliff Cobb

The coconut bacon was sooo good! My favorite part! It all tasted so fresh too. Thank you for being healthy protein

Lionsuniversity 4 months ago

The Reuben

The Reuben is unique and tangy, perfect combo! Even better when I added the special sauce to it. Thanks locali for turning a meat lovers dish into something vegan/vegetarian friendly

Lanaauniveristy 4 months ago

The Vernon

Great vegan and non-vegan sandwhich! The vegan version is very unique tasting and has my favorite flavor: buffalo. Personally, to me, the flavors complement each other very well + the dill sauce is a bonus! I really like the variety of options and as a meat eater I can easily enjoy either vegan or not.

Jason3mndoza 4 months ago

The Baaadasss Breakfast Sandwich

very tasty


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