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Breakfast Sandwiches, Bowls & Toasts - Breakfast Time is All the Time

Bag of Badasses


6 BadAss Breakfast Sandwiches

Extra-Protein/Cheese:Jack Cheese +$2.50Vegan Cheddar +$2.50Turkey +$3Buffalo Chicken +$3Deli Slice Tofurkey +$3Vegan Chickpea Tuna +$3Gluten Free Bread [1 Slice] +$1.50Swiss Cheese +$2.50Vegan Mozarella +$2.50Chicken +$3Coconut Bacon +$3Tuna +$3Vegan Chicken +$3Gluten Free Bread [2 Slices] +$2.50
Extra-Veggies:1/4 Avocado +$2.50Spinach +$1Kale +$1Red Bell Peppers +$1Tomato +$1Sauerkraut +$1Chickpeans +$1Walnuts +$1Artichoke Tapenade +$1Chipotle-Mayo +$1Arugula +$1Romaine +$1Cucumber +$1Red Onion +$1Black Beans +$1Sun-dried Tomatoes +$1Hummus +$1Sunflower Seeds +$1Russian Dressing +$1
Extra Dressing:Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing +$0.75Chipotle Lime Dressing +$0.75Creamy Dill Dressing +$0.75Goddess Dressing +$0.75Lemon & Olive Oil Dressing +$0.75Maple Mustard Dressing +$0.75Chipotle Mayo +$0.75Russian Dressing +$0.75