Greg Horos

Greg Horos

"Locali is a disruptive retail model that is nubile with tight cost controls. There is no one profile for a Locali customer beyond the fact that they are all concerned about the future of food in this world and in turn, committed to eating right. Forgetting our social and environmental missions, the bottom line is that we make damn good food! When customers are having breakfast, lunch, and dinner at your spot, you know you're doing something right."

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Melissa Rosen

"Locali's aim is to provide delicious, organic food and planet-friendly products to the community. We want to create more small business ownership and garner greater purchasing power in terms of having an influence in the natural foods industry as we grow as a brand. With our compassionate approach to customer service and egalitarian work environment, there is no pretense to Locali. We want people to have fun and feel good eating better for themselves and their world."